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ER4YT Lifestyle for Type O Secretors


Yesterday I started a wonderful diet authored by Dr. Peter D'Adamo known as Eat Right 4 Your Type, blood type, that is! The diet, actually a lifestyle, is also known as ER4YT. Since my blood type is O+, & I am a secretor, I will be limiting the recipes I post here to recipes for that group only. (Later, as I do further research, I will be refining my posted recipes for Type O Secretor to include my Genotype, The Gatherer.) If you are not of the aforementioned group then you can find all the info you need for your own blood type, etc., at, recipes & all.

I have created this page to help myself, but I hope it will help others, also!


  1. For many more Type-O recipes go to:

  2. As of yesterday, March 29th,I have lost 15 pounds, & I'm feeling so good, for a change! What a difference a month can make! Praise God for His help!!!!

  3. Today I ran some tests, using resources & instructions from, to find out for sure if my genotype is The Gatherer, or not.....I am. Since February 24th (3 months ago) I have lost 27 pounds. Now that I know for sure I am a Gatherer, maybe I can lose even faster! God is Great!!!